Interview with James Dashow

Roads, Curtis, Dashow, James


Composers and the Computer. Menlo Park: MIT Press, William Kaufmann, 26-45.

Language: English

James Dashow lives in Rome. In 1983 he was visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, associated with their Experimental Music Studio. First, he speaks about the phases of his career: his composition background in Princeton University and Italy, his first interest in electronic music and discovery of computer music, and some differences between the musical scene in United States and Italy. After this, he presents some of his computer music works: Effetti Collaterali for clarinet and tape using frequency modulation, A Way of Staying and Second Voyage for voice and tape, Mnemonics and Conditional Assemblies for violin and tape using his theory he developed for digital sound synthesis (signal modulation to realise harmonisation) and his opera The Little Prince. Through these pieces, he analyses his musical language and analogously the realisation of his works using computer music parameters.