Roads, Curtis


Menlo Park: MIT Press.

Language: English

In this book, the author offers a comprehensive overview of all aspects of composing with sound particles. Although technical in some areas, the author also discusses composition theory, offers historical accounts and contexts, presents the results of acoustic experiments and research, as well as offering descriptions of musical works, and aesthetic reflection on these works and the processes employed in their composition. The book includes a CD containing audio examples.

Table of contents:

  1. Time Scales of Music
  2. The History of Microsound from Antiquity to the Analog Era
  3. Granular Synthesis
  4. Varieties of Particle Synthesis
  5. Transformation of Microsound
  6. Windowed Analysis and Transformation
  7. Microsound in Composition
  8. Aesthetics of Composing with Microsound
  9. Conclusion