Musical Signal Processing

Roads, Curtis, Pope, Stephen Travis, Poli, Giovanni De, Piccialli, Aldo


Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger.

Language: English

This book offers a comprehensive overview of some of the most important topics in the area of musical signal processing. It covers both basic concepts and advanced level applications in areas such as, sound synthesis, control signal synthesis, sound transformation, analysis, artificial intelligence, musical interfaces and the integration of signal processing techniques in concert performance. Although containing a great deal of technical information and the mathematics behind certain processes, it also contains many informative sections concerned with the musical/compositional uses of signal processing technology and techniques. It also offers detailed definitions/explanations of much of the terminology in this area.

Table of contents:

Part I Foundations of Musical Signal Processing

  1. Musical Signal Synthesis
  2. Introducing the Phase Vocoder
  3. Musical Sound Modeling with Sinusoids Plus Noise

Part II Innovations in Musical Signal Processing

  1. Wavelet Representations of Musical Signals
  2. Granular Synthesis of Musical Signals
  3. Musical Signal Analysis with Chaos
  4. Acoustic Modeling Using Digital Waveguides

Part III Musical Signal Macrostructures

  1. Programming Language Design for Music
  2. Musical Object Representation
  3. AI-based Musical Signal Applications - a Hybrid Approach

Part IV Composition and Musical Signal Processing

  1. Notations and Interfaces for Musical Signal Processing
  2. Sound Transformation by Convolutions
  3. Musical Interpretation and Signal Processing