Interdisciplinary Studies

Research in which methodologies from more than one discipline are applied. Electroacoustic music is by its nature an interdisciplinary field.

Études interdisciplinaires

Recherche dans laquelle des méthodologies de disciplines différentes sont appliquées. La musique électroacoustique est par nature un champs interdisciplinaire.

Studi interdisciplinari

Ricerche che prevedono la collaborazione di più di una disciplina. La musica elettroacustica è per sua stessa natura un caso di ricerca interdisciplinare.

Interdisziplinäre Studien

Research in which methodologies from more than one discipline are applied. Electroacoustic music is by its nature an interdisciplinary field.

Estudios Interdisciplinarios

Investigación en la cual se aplican metodologías de más de una disciplina. La música electroacústica es por su naturaleza un campo interdisciplinario.


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