Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture

Taylor, Timothy D.


New York: Routledge.

Language: English

In this book, the author notes that it is often the odd and the marginalised that can tell us the most about particular cultural practices - in this case, the strange sounds that are on the periphery of the mainstream musical culture. The author examines an eclectic mix of art and pop music, employing a diverse assortment of methodologies and theories from historical, cultural, social, and musical studies to demonstrate how audio technology is socially embedded and has shaped and been shaped by society and culture as human beings have attempted to find meaning in, and express meaning through, technology.

Table of contents:

  1. Will the Revolution be Digitized?
  2. Music, Technology, Agency, and Practice
  3. Postwar Music and the Technoscientific Imaginary
  4. Men, Machines, and Music in the Space-Age 1950's
  5. Technostalgia
  6. A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery
  7. Music at Home, Politics Afar
  8. Turn On, Tune In, Trance Out
  9. Anxiety, Consumption, and Agency