From the Sound Installation to the Sound Situation: On my work transition - berlin - junction eine klangsituation

Klein, Georg


Organised Sound 8(2): 187-193.

Language: English

Since mid-1999 the author has been working on an expanded concept of musical space not only incorporating space according to its spatial characteristics in the narrow sense (acoustic, architectonic, sculptural, perspective and ambient). Beyond this his installation works conceive of space in its site-specificity, usually existing in several layers: a social layer, a historical-political layer and a situational layer. This concept of space is thus not limited to interior spaces and architectonic-formal relationships, a position which naturally also defines his working methods: only subjective, on-site research yields the theme and concept of an installation. He calls such installations sound situations, following the ‘conscious creation of situations' conceived by Guy Debord (International Situationists) in the 1950s.