Digital Music: online tutorials on computer music

Miranda, Eduardo Reck, Corino, Gianni


Paris: UNESCO. Webpage.

Language: English

These web-based computer music tutorials are presented as part of UNESCO’s Digi-Arts portal, the aim of which is to foster the dissemination of knowledge and promotion of culture in the fields of media arts and interdisciplinary media studies, including computer music. In this context, the tutorials are aimed at the dissemination of innovative uses of digital technology in music, independent of musical style. Part 1 offers a general introduction to basic concepts of digital music; part 2 introduces computational models of music. It is hoped that people all over the world will take advantage of these tutorials to access knowledge at the cutting-edge of musical practices.

Table of contents

Part 1: Basic Concepts of Digital Music (Gianni Corino)

  • Digital Representation of Sound
  • Editing
  • MIDI and Sequencers
  • Additive Synthesis Technique
  • Basic Frequency Modulation Synthesis Technique
  • Advanced FM Synthesis

Part 2: Computational Models of Music (Eduardo Reck Miranda)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Music
  • Introduction to Cellular Automata Music Research<
  • Chaosynth - A Cellular Automata-based Granular Synthesiser
  • Composition Example
  • Essay in 12 Paragraphs: Sounds of the Brain