Acoustic Communication - Second Edition

Truax, Barry


London: Ablex.

Language: English

In this comprehensive book, the author presents his vision of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of sound and society - ‘acoustic communication'. This approach seeks to understand the complex and continually shifting relationships between sound and society, it investigates sound phenomena from a human perspective attempting to understand the interlocking behaviour of sound, the listener, and the environment as a system of relationships, not as isolated entities. The book includes a discography of electroacoustic works that are mentioned in chapter 13, and a CD ROM that contains the author's Handbook for Acoustic Ecology.

Table of contents:

Part I: Sound, Listening, and Soundscape

  1. Acoustic Tradition and the Communicational Approach: Energy Transfer and Information Processing
  2. The Listener
  3. Voice and Soundmaking
  4. Systems of Acoustic Communications: Speech, Music, and Soundscape
  5. The Acoustic Community
  6. Noise and the Urban Soundscape
  7. Acoustic Design

Part II: Electroacoustics - The Impact of Technology on Acoustic Communication

  1. Electroacoustic Communication: Breaking Constraints
  2. Electrification: The New Soundscape
  3. The Listener as Consumer
  4. The Electroacoustic Media: Audio Mediation
  5. The Acoustic Community as Market
  6. Regaining Control: Electroacoustic Alternatives
  7. Electroacoustic Design