Sounding Art: Eight Literary Excursions through Electronic Music

Norman, Katharine


Media: Ashgate.

Language: English

In this book, the author (a composer of electroacoustic music) discusses a variety of approaches towards making and listening to electronic music. Rather than presenting a systematic history, written in a conventional academic form, she offers eight extended essays that are themselves literary compositions; these have been composed in such a way as to amplify their theme and are intended as an invitation to listen differently to music as sounding art.

Table of contents:

Part I Sounding... ...Spaces

  1. Concrete Tales and Touching Times
  2. Several Infinities (an Emblem Book)

Part II Sounding... ...Worlds

  1. With No Direction Home
  2. The Same Trail Twice: Talking Rain with Hildegard Westerkamp

Part III Sounding... ...Voices

  1. Speak/Listen
  2. Figure-toi: Listening to Sous le Regard d'un Soleil Noir by Francis Dhomont

Part IV Sounding... ...Edges

  1. Beyond the Limit and the Line
  2. The Endnotes