Categorising Complex Dynamic Sounds

Miranda, Eduardo Reck, Correa, James, Wright, Joe


Organised Sound 5(2): 95-102.

Language: English

Chaosynth is a cellular automata-based granular synthesis system whose capabilities for producing unusual complex dynamic sounds are limitless. However, due to its newness and flexibility, potential users have found it very hard to explore its possibilities, as there is no clear referential framework to hold on to when designing sounds. Standard software synthesis systems take this framework for granted by adopting a taxonomy for synthesis instruments that has been inherited from the acoustic musical instruments tradition, i.e. woodwind, brass, string, percussion, etc. Sadly, the most interesting synthesised sounds that these systems can produce are simply referred to as effects. This scheme clearly does not meet the demands of more innovative software synthesizers. In order to alleviate this problem, the authors propose an alternative taxonomy for Chaosynth timbres. The article begins with a brief introduction to the basic functioning of Chaosynth. It then presents our proposed taxonomy and ends with concluding comments.