Analog Electronic Music Techniques: In Tape, Electronic, and Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer Studios

Naumann, Joel, Wagoner, James D.


London: Collier Macmillan.

Language: English

In this book, the authors offer a comprehensive compendium of information regarding the proven methods and approaches for the utilization of electronic resources in the production and composition of music. The focus is on analogue systems and so does not include digital or computer synthesis. The book is divided into three parts: Part 1 focuses on equipment, techniques, processes and skills required to operate an electronic music studio - this includes recording and composing with tape, basic principles of acoustics, and electronic signal processing. Part 2 offers a technical overview of voltage-control synthesis, and part 3 discusses compositional concepts in electronic music. There is also a chapter (16) in which ideas for composition projects are presented; these have been designed to develop student's compositional skills using some of the techniques described in the book.<

Table of contents:

Part I - Tape and Electronic Music Studios

  1. The Tape Studio
  2. Simple Tape Manipulations
  3. Extended Tape Manipulations
  4. Basic Acoustics
  5. Electronic Signal Sources
  6. Electronic Signal Modifiers
  7. Electronic Signal Modulators

Part II - Voltage-Controlled Synthesizers

  1. Concepts of Voltage Control
  2. AC and DC Control Voltages and Frequency Modulation (FM)
  3. Time-Variant Control Voltages and FM
  4. Random and Sequential Control Voltages and FM
  5. Amplitude Modulation (AM)
  6. Spectrum Modulation
  7. Combined Modulations

Part III - Electronic Music Composition

  1. Compositional Concepts in Electronic Music
  2. Composition Projects