Electroacoustic Music and the Soundscape: The Inner and Outer World

Truax, Barry


Companion to Contemporary Musical Thought. New York: Routledge, 374-398.

Language: English

In this chapter, the author notes that the practice of electroacoustic music is producing a new kind of listener and a new soundscape, while simultaneously being equally concerned with producing consumer-orientated music and products - music, as an expression of human spirit is locked in a struggle with music as the product of corporate control. In addressing this issue the author examines the contemporary role of music first from the outside, in terms of music within the soundscape, and then from the inside, in terms of the soundscape within the music. He traces how the traditional and complex relationship of the listener to the environment has been transformed by the social production of the electroacoustic listener as a consumer, and explores the new soundscape that is evolving within the practise of music and technology. He also dedicates a particular section to ‘granular synthesis', briefly discussing several of his works that were composed using this method.