Hidden Grids: Paths of expressive gesture between instruments, music and dance

Lanzalone, Silvia


Organised Sound 5(1): 17-26.

Language: English

In his work Contropasso (1998-9) Michelangelo Lupone collaborates with Massimo Moricone in the dance showcase piegapiaga achieving direct interaction between dancers and live electronics performance. The choreography takes advantage of acoustic events as generated by three dancers and further elaborated on via computer by the composer through use of granular algorithms and digital filtering, allowing the construction of the musical events to occur in real time. The live electronics performer changes sound parameters in relation to the dancers' movements by use of the program SDP - Sonorous Drawing Plane (S. Lanzalone) - created specifically for the control of different synthesis algorithms allowing them to be processed on systems such as Fly30 (CRM) and Mars (IRIS). SDP reads and converts computer mouse data as the operator creates lines corresponding to performance gestures, thus creating both visible and audible output. This software allows a single gesture to control more than one parameter, thus creating complex changes in the audio programme output. The article deals with different compositions, performances and didactic situations the author has experienced using SDP.