Electroacoustic Performance Practice

Stockhausen, Karlheinz


Perspective of New Music 34(1): 74-105.

Language: English

The German composer speaks about six areas of electroacoustic performance practice:
- recording techniques as a part of composition with examples from Gesang der Jünglinge and Invisible Choir (extract of Thursday from his opera, Light) - amplification techniques: stereophonic amplification (Kreuspiel, Mantra) and the new potential of sound projection (Monday from Light, Tuesday from Light) - transformation techniques with examples from Mikrophonie I and Mixtur - techniques of pre-formed (formalized) music with some examples from his electronic music - electronic musical instruments: the use of synthesizer in Tuesday from Light - combination of all electroacoustic possibilities in Octophony (extract from Tuesday from Light) and with special MIDI instruments

In conclusion he approaches the subject of musician education with electronic technology.